What is new in Whats app Messenger? [Featured Updates]

Hello, readers! WhatsApp is a messenger service which is available for Android, IOS, Windows and others. It is developed differently for each operating system. It uses your data pack to message or call with friends and relatives.

Why I Use WhatsApp?

Now let me tell you why using Whats App makes you different from other. WhatsApp completely changes the meaning of the SMS. Now you can express your emotion with not only words but also with pictures, videos, and emojis. This App has more than one quality, few are:

ü  No additional charges
ü  Multimedia sharing
ü  Chatting with more the 200+ peoples, in one box.
ü  Safe and secure to use no pin or username.
ü  No login, logout troubles.
ü  Emoji icons suit your emotion.
ü  And much more.

What is new with WhatsApp latest version:

Nowadays if you are not updated with the Social Media then you will be called as an “OUTDATED” person. So, it is really necessary to be up to date with the latest news and updates. These update will enhance your experience with the previous one you used.

Now let me tell you for what this blog is for. I am writing this blog for my WhatsApp users. Do you know there are 95% of our young generation is using WhatsApp? So, it is quite necessary to know about the latest version of WhatsApp.

ü  In the new version now you can publish your stats as your story.
ü  It means now you can use media files as your status.
ü  You are able to see how many persons viewed your status.
ü  You can also send a message on someone’s story.
ü  You can view others as the same by tapping their profile picture.
ü  Tap and hold the screen to stop the time countdown.
ü  To update a new media status, use the camera or your media library.
ü  You can capture a picture and video and edit them right there.
ü  You can place emojis and text also on the picture you captured for your status.
ü  You can also resize the text you typed on your story by pinch or zoom.
So guys, now get started with the new feature of Story in WhatsApp and share it with your beloved, friends, and families. Hope you are gonna like its new feature which is quite a bit similar to Instagram and Snapchat.

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