How to download YouTube videos on iphone, iPad?

At this time YouTube is the top most visited social media site. It holds the second Alexa Ranking after the Google. These statistics shows that how popular is the site is. With a large collection of awesome videos, YouTube maintained its performance speed for their users. Every day YouTube boasts million of million clicks. I know you also love to watch videos on YouTube. If so, you will also want to know How to download YouTube videos on iPhone or iPad. Although, YouTube doesn’t allow to download videos directly, here are some another ways are available.

Yes! With the help of few software available on App Store, you will be able to download YouTube videos on your iPhone or iPad also, and after that, you will able to see them when you are offline.
So without wasting more time let me tell you How to download YouTube videos on your any IOS device like iPhone4, iPhone5, iPhone5s, iPhone5c, iPhone6 or iPhone7.
I recommended the “Video Cache” Application to download YouTube video. Now follow the steps mentioned below to easily download any video on YouTube.
  • Unlock your iPhone and open “App store”.
  • In the search box and type “video cache downloader”.
  • Now click the download icon located on the bottom right.
  • Now you will prompt to login into your Apple ID. (if you don’t have an Apple ID yet then click here.)
  • After a successful login, you will find that the Video Cache App is now being downloaded.
  • Wait until it finished up.
  • After that open the “Video Cache App” from you home menu.
  • Tap the “Browse” link located on the footer of your mobile screen.
  • Now type “” in the URL box.
  • Once it open search for your desired video you want to download.
  • When you reached to you desired video Tap and hold the banner.
  • Now you will ask to download the video. If you want to do so, tap on the download link.
  • Hurray!  Your video is now being downloaded.
  • You can check the progress of your download by tapping the “Downloads” link located on the footer of your screen.
  • Once finish, you will able to see the video in offline mode also.
There are lots of software which allows you to download YouTube video. You can choose another one if the above didn't not work for you.

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