How to use Facebook for Advertisement?

Without gambling with words, I am focusing the main topic for which you have visited us. So, our topic is "How to Advertise on Facebook" and if you are a marketer or a businessman, then you should know about the advertising feature on Facebook.

As you know that Facebook boasts millions of million clicks per day, it is already understood that Facebook is a good market for businessman’s as well; doesn't matter if your business is local or global. Facebook Advertisement can refuel your business easily.

The trending way is to use #hashtag in your posts. Often beginners don't know "How to Use Hashtag on Facebook". Fortunately, you are here.  

To advertise on Facebook you should have:

1.       A Facebook Account
2.       A Facebook Business Page

If you have a Facebook Business Page, then you can go ahead with Facebook Ads Manager and create a Facebook Ad Campaign, if not then create a Facebook account and a Facebook business page.

After a successful creation of Facebook Ad Campaign follows these steps:

1.       Be clear with your campaign objective: Your campaign should be based on the gold standard for your business.

Note: You can pay/action (pay per action) for conversion-oriented objectives. And for exposure objectives, you will pay for impressions.

2.       Target Your Audience: Facebook Ad Campaign is amazingly flexible for your business. So, choose your audience you actually want to target.

3.       Set Budget and Schedule: Set a range of amount you want to spend while advertising on Facebook. You can choose either daily or permanent budget. Now schedule your ads (best way) or publish live.

4.       Create or Promote Ads: You can go with existing ads or choose a new format and create a new ad.

 Infographics on How Facebook Advertising Works and Why It is Useful 

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